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What is this?

Hello there. Glue is a physically based renderer in which I plan to implement many different types of integrators, materials, lights etc. So, the reason I call it a physically based renderer but not a path tracer or a ray tracer is that it will not only contain these integrators.

I started to work on this project approximately two months ago. I have read several books, papers and other resources. My aim is to publish a blog post for every paper that I implement and is worth consideration. I am going to try to summarize what paper states and show its advantages and/or disadvantages. Also, I am going to talk about how Glue is structured time to time.

Glue is designed to try as many different parameters from scene file as possible to see the effects of them. However, some parts of it are designed in a way that it is not possible to change them from scene file since static polymorphism is chosen over runtime polymorphism due to performance issues. Glue is not a completely research oriented renderer like pbrt and Mitsuba. It is only a hobby project of mine.

I hope what I publish here can show the path I take and decisions I made which led me to the final version of the renderer. In that sense, I believe this blog can help and motivate many others who share the same enthusiasm with me.


  1. I really like the posts that you have put up so far :) It's informative and interesting to see the progress that you are making on the renderer. All the best with the project :)

    1. Thanks a lot for your good words asif. I wish you the same :)


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